Hi-Tech Super-Fine

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Hi-Tech Superfine Plaster of Paris ( POP ) is so finely ground that it is a low density powder thus it covers more area with less material. It is also available in good quantity at affordable prices. We offer light colored, high strength and extra fine plaster of paris ( POP ) which has BIS marked standards. This plaster of paris ( POP ) settles slowly thus gives enough time to the mason/worker to complete his work, another advantage is that after settling the plaster of paris ( POP ) becomes strong thus it increases it's longevity.

Used for :

  • Interior decoration :¬†as a false ceiling, studio sets etc
  • Bandaging of broken bones
  • Making statues
  • Finishing walls
  • Designing of masonry interiors and exteriors

Applications :

  • Orthopedic operations
  • Surgery for cast POP Bandage Mfg
  • Dental Molding operations
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Pottery Industries
  • Building Contraction
  • Gold Dyeing operations
Packing Detail 16 Kg,23 Kg And 25 Kg
Quality Super-Fine
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